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Landap a Inaul

The Landap a Inaul is a traditional Meranaw wraparound rectangular or tube-like shirt with geometric or Okir design. Usually worn during special occasion such as Sultanate Enthronement and it is a versatile skirt that can be worn both male and female in any outfit, providing you with many options of style and color.

It is usually worn during special occasion such as Sultanate Enthronement and can paired in any outfit.


Mamandiyang is a traditional Meranaw decoration that is commonly seen on
Meranaw houses or at special events such as weddings and Sultanate
Enthronement. The decoration is made of sequins and beads which creates
its unique colors and Okir patterns, it is available in different color, sizes and
it can also be customized depending on customers preference.
It is usually done within one-month depending on design ad size of the

Okir Langkit

Okir Langkit is a rare, handmade Meranaw product. The pattern of this product is unique and consists of vibrant threads. This is a one-of-a-kind quality product that you won't find anywhere else in the world. The unique design and pattern make it a rare and coveted item to own.

It can be used in making Malong and Landap, sewing it creatively in shirts and other products.

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